All pet care visits and dog walk services/rates include up to two pets. Simply select the service that best fits your pet's needs. Each visit is full service and always includes: scheduled meals, fresh water, play and potty time at home or a walk (weather permitting). We also include home care touches: mail/newspaper/door flier pick up, taking out and bringing up trash should we be there on your scheduled day, watering plants, security checks, alternating lights/blinds/drapes, and communication each visit. For additional requests just let us know! (Leave out a snow shovel in the winter as we can clear decks and paths for our furry friends!) If you have a variety of pets and unsure where your pet family may fall into our guidelines, just give us call at 720-201-9109.

Here's your menu...

Meet 'n Greet: 20-30 minutes FREE
At this visit we will go over the completed forms, answer questions, pick up keys and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets. This required meeting will be scheduled at least 72 hours prior to service. Additional Meet-n-Greets will be charged at an hourly rate.Before starting dog walking services we will assess proper and well fit collars and best leashesfor your pet's walking needs. Each pet's walking gear must meet our standards in safety protocol for your pet's well being.

Multiple pet families:
Our standard rates below cover two pets. An added rate of $5 per pet/per visit (same owner) is applied so we can be sure all receive the proper care needed. Have a variety of pets, no worries! We can create a special package to fit your needs.

**Need services yesterday?
We are happy to set up a Meet n' Greet and get your furry babies set up ASAP. (A $25 Rush Set up Fee applies to expedite New Client care under 72 hours notice with best availability for requested times.)

**We offer a 'Mix and Match' option of the below services so you can choose what best fits the routine and needs of your pet family.

We will happily administer medications if we are able to do so in our allotted time at no extra fee. A medical waiver/authorization is required and all medicines must be prepped prior to our care and clearly labeled.

*Rates for pet sitting/walks are by visit and include two pets:

Dog Walking Services, Pet Sitting Services - 20 minutes $17
Great for a quick potty break, short stroll or for a 3rd daily visit.

Dog Walking Services, Pet Sitting Services - Standard Visit: 30 minutes $20

Our most popular choice! Good for multiple pet homes, supervised feedings, potty breaks, walks, games and play, fresh water/food, medication if needed, watering plants, in-home deterrents. Most dogs will require 2-3x per day minimum and 3-4x for puppies per day.

Dog Walking Services, Pet Sitting Services - Extended Care Visit: 45 minutes $25
Best for long walks, multiple pet homes, and pets with special diets or special needs.

Hourly Care: 60 minutes $32
Choose 1-hour increments of care. Long adventures to the park to work off extra energy or leisurely outings to get plenty of fresh air.

Cat/Critter Care: $15
All the necessary elements to be sure cats, birds, critters, aquatics and reptiles are attended to: Cat care includes litter box cleaning, play, meals/fresh water and brushing if they like!  **Please note - We have a strong code of ethics in animal well being and will visit cats daily not every other daily, no exceptions. We also ask as a courtesy to our sitters that litter boxes are cleaned prior to our first visit, and haven't been waiting days and weeks before we start. Additional cleaning fees will be added for over full litter boxes upon arrival.

++If your feline friends are super social and require more time for playing or cuddling, no worries! We can schedule one of our regular pet sitting visits listed above to be sure they get all the TLC, interaction, cuddles and play time they crave!

Select Boarding: (Limited Availability) Daily $45 first pet, $25 second pet(Should your pet require a trial stay, same rates apply.) As much as we adore puppies and many other breeds, we're unable to care for puppies, higher energy and XL breeds.
Our rates do not change based on the time needed for a camp check in as we hold spots to be available for your furry camper and offer tremendous flexibility for both drop off and pick up times. 
For an at home level of care, your pets become a part of our open family home. We're not a kennel but a family environment with plenty of luv'n and spoil'n for all. We only accept a few furry campers at a time to create a peaceful and stress free environment. 

Upon passing a pre-screened call to learn more about your furry companion we then require an in person and advanced Meet n' Greet before the start of their camp stay with us. We want to make sure each furry camper meets our specific criteria, is comfortable, as well as a good match for our home and other furry campers. A copy of their current vaccination records is required along with records of being spayed/neutered, and they must also be current on a monthly heart worm/flea/tick medication. We kindly require that all furry campers be bathed within 1 week prior to boarding or we will assess a bathing fee courtesy of Wag'n Wash. (Trip charges/time will apply.) This helps to maintain our exceptionally clean home and health for all of our furry campers.

Boarding rates are based on each overnight service and a half day rate applies for pick up after 12PM on the last day of camp.   
Half day rate fee:
Pick up by 12PM - No charge
One Camper $45 Nightly rate/ Half Day rate $25 for pick up by 5PM;  and $30 for after 5PM. 
Two Campers: $70 Nightly rate/ Half Day Rate: $50 by 5PM and $60 after 5PM.
As we hold spots for 'Boarding' we do not apply credit or refund for unused stays, early returns home or late cancellations. (Please see our cancellation policies for details.) Our rates do not change based on the time needed for a camp check in as we hold spots to be available for your furry camper and offer tremendous flexibility for both drop off and pick up times.  Additional charges may apply for late pickup, accidents or any damages that occur after an initial payment has been made. Deposits are required 30-60 days prior for Holidays and all School Breaks as we will fill up fast and only take a few campers at a time. We maintain a low stress, calm environment, a very clean, non-smoking home and only accept furry guests who fit into our specific criteria which keeps everyone happy and healthy. 

Day Care  - 1 Camper $30 (8AM-5PM) $35 after 5PM

2 Campers - $50 (8AM-5PM) $60 after 5PM
Heading to the mountains for a day trip and your pup is a social doggie butterfly or maybe prefers to relax by our pond while watching the squirrels play in the trees then this service is a great option! (Same screening process/cancellation as 'Boarding' applies). If you require a later pick up no problem just let us know and we'll add a late check out time. 

Overnight Pet Sitting, in your home $75 per night (Limited availability)
Our Overnight Slumber Paw-ty  services/rate include a dinner visit followed by a return that evening for our slumber paw-ty! We'll wrap up our overnight with our rise and shine service the following morning.  (Additional midday visits between our scheduled overnights may be added separately and is not included in the Overnight Service Rate).

Same Day and Short Notice Requests: $10 additional

For existing clients needing same day service or care starting the following business day. We are happy to accommodate your furry babies, but due to advance schedule planning, however, there will be an additional charge to fit in a visit requested on the same day or for the following business day. Requested times will be considered as best as possible. Payment must be made online or left onsite before the visit starts.

Pet Taxi:  $10-$15 (Highlands Ranch)
Great for pick up/drop off to and from our home for boarding. Pricing for other destinations e.g. groomers, vets, parks or if you're located outside of our immediate service area of Highlands Ranch will be based on our time and mileage round trip.

Errand Service:
If your furry baby is low on food, litter or perhaps you'd like a few basic grocery items for your return home, we can help! We simply bill our time hourly and add mileage based on MapQuest.

Aunt Gladys Care aka 'Guest Pet/s Rate': $TBD
Uh oh your Aunt Gladys is visiting unexpectedly and bringing FiFi! No problem, we can help out too! Just let us know prior and we'll get your guest companion set up and create a special guest rate. They'll be sure to feel right at home in our amazing Mile High state! Separate agreements apply and must be signed by the rightful owner.

Doody Duty: $10 per week
At least the name is fun! Once per week we'll be sure the yard is ready for play or their favorite spot is ready for a visit. Available with booked walking and visit services. (If their yard hasn't been attended to for a while we will assess an initial clean up rate). 

4 Pawz Sake Terms & Policies:

Billing:We do not offer discounted rates for any of our services. Once we receive your completed forms you're free to begin using your personal Client Portal. Payment is due by the first day of each service request. Weekly, biweekly and monthly clients will be invoiced based on a set schedule that we coordinate with you. Vacation, Holiday, School Break reservations will be invoiced up to four weeks prior to your service start date. (Holidays and school break schedules e.g. 'Spring Breaks - March and Fall Break - October' are some of our busiest times. Payment in full must be received to hold spots at least 4 weeks prior to your vacation start date.)

**Online payments must be received prior to the start of services. If check/cash payment is preferred and accidentally forgotten, we kindly require same day online payment to continue service. (Online payments incur a service charge via PayPal/Stripe/ACH and added to the total of each service request.)

**Late payments will incur a late fee rate of $25.

Payment options: We accept credit payments online through a secure link at, 'Payment Tab', or Client Portal. We also offer payment options through Stripe, PayPal, ACH, Zelle and Chase Direct. (There is a small processing fee for all credit cards.) If check or cash is preferred we are happy to pick up payment on our first scheduled visit. If check/cash payment is accidentally forgotten, we kindly require same day online payment to continue service.

Holiday Rates - $10 per visit/ $10 per day for Boarding/Overnight Sitting: Our holidays cover nationally recognized days as well as 'family'days we spend working to care for our pet families. Requests received less than 30 days before our peak Holidays are subject to availability and a $25 short notice booking fee. Included Holidays: New Year's Eve/Day, Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day. ** Please Note: A $25 service fee is applied for any holiday requests that are less than 30 days notice of the start date.

Early Return/Unused Visits/Same Day and Short Notice Cancellations:
Our time is blocked to provide love and care to your furry ones, restricting our ability to book time to care for others, so we do not refund or roll over as credit for same day cancellation, short notice (one day's notice), unused visits, early returns once service has begun as we have allocated our time to care for your furry babies. This includes early returns if your pet is boarding with us. Should a cancellation take place we do appreciate a notification prior to our arrival.

Same day cancellation and one day's notice of a cancellation for any next day service is billable, and non-credited or refunded. ** Please Note: A $25 service fee is applied for all holiday requests that are less than 30 days notice of the start date. Subject to availability/best time options. 

HolidayCancellation Schedule

To hold and reserve pet care services spots over our ‘peak and holiday’ times advance payment is due at minimum 4 weeks prior to the start of services (Visits/Boarding/Overnights included.)

0-21 Days

Payment in full is charged (no refunds/credit)

21+ Days

20% of service is billed. (80% refund)

Weather Based Cancellations: Subject to the same schedule as above as visits are still scheduled and made on bad weather days. We do maintain the right to modify the visit, such as shortened outdoor time or shifting to indoor play for the safety of your pet and our team.

Shared Care: Advanced notification is required of all persons who may be entering or staying at your home prior to the start of services or has been enlisted for 'shared care of your pets'.  A separate and signed agreement is required along with our prior authorization before we accept homes with 'shared care of pets'. 

4 Pawz Sake FAQs

Tipping:A topic to 'tip'-toe around? No, we are actually asked about this often. In a nutshell pet care business professionals, which include groomers, pet sitters, and walkers are considered the same as any other service industry professional who are tipped. We strive to provide the best care with attention to every detail with or without tips. If you would like to show how much you appreciate our care with a gratuity, please do as it is sincerely appreciated.

Extending Your Trip? No Problem!Let us know as soon as you decide you need an extra day on the beach or the powder is so awesome you just can't return home, we get it! You'll simply pay for services online, how simple is that?!

Off Leash Walks/ Kitty Deck Time:
Your dog may do great off leash or your kitty may love fresh air from the deck or balcony but we choose not to leave an open opportunity for pets in our care to go astray. We abide by strict safety protocol and do not allow dogs to approach or meet our pet clients while on walks, do not go to dog parks, ponds or lakes. We stay in your neighborhood for a personal one on one walk or run.  

Texting: What a wonderful convenience and privilege. As we area busily texting our client updates daily, we kindly opt to use texts for client updates only and for any urgent matters. If we're not caring for your home please email or call. We're happy to answer general and non urgent matters by email or phone. New bookings are simply made through your Portal.  On occasion we may encounter delays due to weather, traffic, clean ups or unexpected issues at homes. We always communicate and you will receive a text/email as soon as possible after we complete a visit as well as notify you if we're delayed.  

Timing of Visits:  Mid-days and mornings are the busiest. Will FiFi be let at out at noon? We do our best to accommodate each request and understand each need but we cannot be at each home at the same time even if we click our heels three times. We place everyone in a window of time as we base our days on priority/routing which may include added time for seniors, puppies, medications, crated versus dog door access. while taking into account delays in weather, traffic, and any unforeseen issues that can arise at any home. Most importantly everyone is attended to in a proper and timely manner. Operating hours are 7AM-9PM daily, 24/7/365. Should your home require visits outside of our operating hours we're happy to accommodate and an added rates will apply based on the specific needs of your pets/home.

What supplies are needed?: We'll go over these in detail at your home but we do recommend one location for all cleaning supplies, towels for paws and inclement weather days to dry furry bodies or warm up after our outside adventures! 

Dog Walking Services/Pet Sitting Services & Terms

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